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Where do you get your fabrics from?
I buy fabrics from my favourite designers and fabric shops (see friends section) and  find vintage fabric in charity shops, flea markets and the back of my mum’s wardrobe (Shhh).

Do you sell at wholesale?
Yes, please contact me at

Can I wash your cushion covers and toys?
Yes you can wash all of the products on this site. For felt products please take extra care and wash on a cool rinse or hand wash.

Where did you learn to sew?
I started to love sewing after I did a course called Art Textiles at A-level. I began experimenting more with a sewing machine and started using an embroidery foot as a drawing tool, and I fell in love.

What inspires you?
I’m very much inspired by the 1960’s, everything about that time, the colours, music, art, children’s books and toys, oh and of course the fabric. Fabric is a huge inspiration to me and I’ve turned into a bit of a fabricolohic. I’m also inspired by Mid Century Scandinavian design and illustrators such as Rene Gruau and Toulouse Lautrec.

Can I commission you for a personal project?
Yes, please contact me at

I want to learn to sew, but I’m no good at it, can you give me any advice?
The only advice I can really give is just go for it. Nobody’s good at anything until they try. Be prepared for mistakes and things going wrong now and then, it still happens to me! Find your own style, don’t make things to please other people, do it for yourself and then you’ll begin to come into your own. You can also buy my book All Sewn Up for some crafty projects to try! Available in the shop.

What sewing machine did you learn on?
I learnt on a Bernina at school and then my mum bought me a secondhand 1960’s Toyota and it served me well until this day. I also have a brand-spanking new one for bigger more complicated projects to give the old boy a rest now and then.

Sorry to hear about your cat Jake. Do you have any new trusty companions?
Thank you. I now have Simba my new permanent foster cat, whose owner sadly died. He lives where I work and likes to play with ribbons. And Twiggy, a stray Kitten who found me. She lives with me and enjoys running away with my headphones and hiding them.