Jigsaw Exhibition: Chloe Owen has it… All Sewn Up

What? Chloe Owens has it… All Sewn Up Exhibition
Where? Jigsaw Spitalfields, 11 Lamb Street, Old Spitalfields Market, London, E1 6EA
When? 15th February and will run for a month

If you go down to Jigsaw today, you’re in for a big surprise… Welcome to an enchanted wilderness in the heart of London. Textile artist Chloe Owens has created a strange and colourful world, where fabric animals frolic, sequinned birds sing and even the landscape is made up of groovy 1960′s prints.Now spring has sprung, and her creations have emerged from hibernation and are blinking in the sunlight! Hand-stitched owls stir in the branches, colourful cotton butterflies flutter their wings and plump cushions pop up in clusters.Chloe hoards salvaged vintage fabrics and combines them with contemporary prints to create something totally new, as she ‘draws’ delicate stitched designs on appliqued work using her trusty sewing machine. A fascination with nature is apparent – leaves and flowers are recurring themes, and animals peep from every corner.Chloe has turned her hand to greetings cards, a menagerie of soft toys, bespoke canvasses and comfy cushions. The result is a multifaceted tactile feast! All Chloe’s pieces are bespoke originals and make wonderful gifts, whether it’s a cushion for a cousin, a toy for a tot or a bib for a baby. Chloe’s animal chums have taken up residence in Jigsaw, so come down and do some wildlife spotting this spring! If you’re inspired to create your own homespun chums, Chloe shows you how in her new book. Let 2012 be the year you get really creative! Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of craft or a seasoned stitcher of seams, All Sewn Up will inspire you to create your own fabric menagerie to cherish for years to come. Use her knowledge and add a dash of your own creativity, and breathe new life into your home!


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